Quality Assurance

Quality, Assurance

A process-centered approach to ensuring we are providing the best possible products and services. Quality assurance focuses on enhancing and improving the process that is used to create the end result, rather than focusing on the result itself.

Focusing on the end result, such as testing a sample of items from a batch after production is a standard operating procedure at TrenDigi.

Planning, design, development, production, and service are considered throughout the entire process.

Qualified Team Members

Qualified, Team

The fair scoring criteria are designed to judge the quality of a team member’s performance. It is also designed to ensure that team members are qualified and independent of their tasks both in fact and in appearance.

Accordingly, the criteria and rule set forth restrictions on confidential, financial, employment, and business relationships between involved members and a client under any circumstances.

Enthusiastic & Thoughtful Talents

Enthusiastic, Thoughtful

Clarifying the signs and objectives to start discovering the career passion is a must. With this awareness, the talents can look at steps in igniting the enthusiasm for their work.

Career values are the keys to find out what the elements are there to enjoy your work. Your ambitions, dreams, and even your hard work will once again be magnified and identified as time goes by.

Precise Delivery

Precise, Delivery

Look closely! Continue to do the periodic scheduled reviews to ensure every single task is keeping up with the schedule. We understand how significant the accuracy of an estimated delivery time is to the client. Accordingly, we make sure the estimates are thoroughly and completely.

Delivery commitment is an achievable objective, which would provide a greater range of services to all clients.

Confidentiality Guarantee


Work in partnership with our clients. We have the duty to assure that information about their business will be held in confidence by our talents.

Be honest and open and act with integrity. We apply this behavior not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to our one-on-one dealings with a single customer. It is the manner in which the businesses conduct ourselves.

Duty of Confidentiality is strictly enforced to ensure the information of a client is held in confidence.

Wide Range of Customization


True customization extends beyond simple translation to include “language, culture, customs, technical and other characteristics of the target market.”

While globalization represents growth through access to international markets, customization emphasizes specificity and relevance to a particular target market.

The end goal is to make a product or service appear as if it had been developed specifically in and for the target market and allow a company to communicate effectively with international users.

Global Presence

TrenDigi provides professional services worldwide

TrenDigi’s offered our professional services to many clients from different regions worldwide. TrenDigi has talents working together with global diversity; hence, we are more like a big diversified family working altogether towards the same vision:Marvel our beloved clients with inspiration.


Media Report

We're grateful for Taoyuan City Government. We were honored to be on the headline and cover story of the Taoyuan Youth Can magazine. Innovative X Ventures

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Leading by Strength, Asia Silicon Valley Development Agency. Fostering the Entrepreneurial Dream Begins with Letting Go of Self-Limitations

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TrenDigi is proud to announce that we've been selected to be winner of 2017 Golden Peak Awards of Outstanding Enterprises.

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TrenDigi is proud to be honoured by the Ministry of Economic Affairs for The 2016 Annual Women Entrepreneurship Flying-Geese Program. Our co-founder aka. CTO, Yvonne, was happy to be reported for the award.

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